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IMPulse K1-Phone

Privacy is the new Order

Now we can present the new IMPulse K1-Phone
The Phones are being delivered September 2019


See the production of the K1 Phone:



Now you can get the attractive IMpulse K1 Mobile Phone
easier than you believe!!

Hurry up and buy a €75 Multipackage

See more about Karatbars and what you can get here:



The first Phone where you can use APP's from
both Android and Apple IOS

First Phone that have UNLIMITED storage place - No limit
  Should you loose the Phone! No problem as you have a safty key so nothing is lost. 
See Data Specifications :  Click 

How to get hold of the Phone ?

To be able to get the K1 Phone you only need a few steps:


  1. Go to 
  2.   and open an affiliate account - 
    it's free to get the account.
  3. When you are in you need to follow a few steps so the company can see you are a real legit person.
  4. Follow the instructions in there as it is very well instructed and easy to do.
  5. When duly registered you can start your ordering. 

  Privacy is the new Order